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You can get a little slack about car security these days. Newer vehicles are developed with clever tools that help keep them secure. And if you have never had a vehicle broken into or stolen, it is all too easy to adopt an “It won’t happen to me” attitude.

Unfortunately, it can and it will happen to you unless you take precautions.

Even with the latest anti-theft devices, you can still be the victim of a break in or worse, you can...

Car Stereo Installation Experts

Music is good for the soul. When you step into your vehicle and turn the key, the first thing most of us do is make adjustments to the stereo. After all, it is important that you have the proper tunes spilling through the speakers.

To enjoy your favorite music to the fullest, it is best to have a car stereo system that gives pristine clarity, excellent bass and lets you enjoy every note. Unfortunately, most car manufacturers use...


Anyone reading this will likely fall into one of two categories: Those who love mixtapes and those who really don’t know what they are. Of course, there is also a group of people who know what mixtapes are, but would rather poke fun of them than utilize them.

And that is a shame because nothing beats popping in a great mixtape into your car stereo while on a road trip.

As far as creating a mixtape, veterans of the hobby already...