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Car Alarm System in Oakland and Car Security Tips

You can get a little slack about car security these days. Newer vehicles are developed with clever tools that help keep them secure. And if you have never had a vehicle broken into or stolen, it is all too easy to adopt an “It won’t happen to me” attitude.

Unfortunately, it can and it will happen to you unless you take precautions.

Even with the latest anti-theft devices, you can still be the victim of a break in or worse, you can have your car stolen. Consider the fact that a vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States. And while about half of those vehicles are recovered, it is still a discouraging figure.

If you don’t want a thief sitting behind the wheel of your vehicle, you had better take steps to keep it safe. AAA Car Stereo, your car alarm system service in Oakland, offers ways to keep your vehicle safe.

Keep Valuables Hidden

If you leave your iPad on the front seat, that’s eye candy to any criminal. Someone will be tempted to smash a window and grab it while others will break in and decide to take your whole car. It is best if you don’t keep valuables in your vehicles at all, but if you have to travel with valuables, you certainly need to keep them hidden.

Park Smart

In order to deter criminals, you need to park your vehicle is a well-lit area near security cameras. If you park in a public garage, make sure your car is close to the attendant or security cameras.

Keep Your Vehicle Secure

Wherever you park your car, make sure all of the windows are closed and everything is locked up. We know that sounds quite obvious, but people tend to become complacent and lazy and forget to lock their car if they think it’s in a safe spot.

It is also tempting to leave a window cracked in the heat of summer, but that is an invitation for a thief to break into your car.

Keep Track of Your Keys

If you discover your car missing, don’t be surprised if the police officer asks you if you have all of your keys. Far too many people make the mistake of hiding a spare key somewhere on their vehicle. The fundamental problem with this is thieves are wise to where all of the hiding places are.

Just like hiding your house key under the mat or in a fake rock, thieves have already caught onto this trick. They know just where to look to see if there is a spare key hidden.

If you hand a spare key to a friend, make sure you get it back when they are done with it.

Have a Car Alarm Installed

Car alarms are the face of modern automobile security. A car alarm is the perfect extra layer of security that stays active even when you are away from your car. Your car alarm serves to notify you, or anyone near, when there is somebody messing with your ride.

For information about car alarms, contact AAA Car Stereo today.