Car Alarm System in Oakland and Mixtapes

Anyone reading this will likely fall into one of two categories: Those who love mixtapes and those who really don’t know what they are. Of course, there is also a group of people who know what mixtapes are, but would rather poke fun of them than utilize them.

And that is a shame because nothing beats popping in a great mixtape into your car stereo while on a road trip.

As far as creating a mixtape, veterans of the hobby already know the formula for a successful outcome. Mixtape virgins can read this article to school themselves on the part of the mixtape. There is a lot to learn, but it is well worth your time and effort.

Ace Auto Alarm, your source for car alarm systems in Oakland, offers tips on how to make a mixtape.

Scheming and Plotting

The first step in making a mixtape is to determine the purpose of your mixtape. For example, you could be making a tape for a road trip, which would be totally different than making a tape for a party or for a love interest.

It is quite important that you mix the proper music for the environment. It is also important to keep in mind that there is a big difference in making a mixtape for others and making a mixtape that only you will enjoy.

The biggest problem you will run into when making a mixtape for others is finding music that is neutral enough for the masses to enjoy and hip enough so as to make you look good.


Even though you are making a mixtape, you don’t want to drag people around too much. That is, you will want to stick to one or two basic genres when creating your mixtape. If you start your mixtape with, say, a Bon Jovi tune, the audience should reasonably expect the other songs to be from 1980s hair bands.

Throwing in a Cannibal Corpse ballad after the Bon Jovi tune will throw everybody off balance. That is not good.

Length and Tempo

You need to think about both the length of your mixtape and the tempo. If you are making a mixtape for a workout session, the tempo should be fast and the length should be under an hour.

A mixtape for a road trip should be as long as possible, just make sure you don’t drop any songs on it that might put you to sleep. Styx, Air Supply and Journey are bands to avoid when making a road trip mixtape.

Add a Name

All but the most mundane mixtapes will have some sort of name. At the very least, write out a short description of what is on the tape. At the very, very least, write the date when the tape was made.

You might think that you will remember which tape is which, but once you have made several tapes, confusion will set in. The last thing you want to do is pop in a mixtape at a party you are hosting and cringe when that Sinead O’Connor song comes on. You only use her songs on your personal mixtapes.

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