Car Stereo Installation Experts

Your Car Stereo Installation Experts and Aftermarket Stereos

Music is good for the soul. When you step into your vehicle and turn the key, the first thing most of us do is make adjustments to the stereo. After all, it is important that you have the proper tunes spilling through the speakers.

To enjoy your favorite music to the fullest, it is best to have a car stereo system that gives pristine clarity, excellent bass and lets you enjoy every note. Unfortunately, most car manufacturers use low-quality materials and bad design for their stereos and speaker systems.

Lucky for you there is a huge variety of aftermarket stereos and speakers available for your ride. By upgrading your car stereo, the bands you love most, Twisted Sister, Tears For Fears and Cannibal Corpse, sound that much better.

But if you remain unconvinced that you need a new car stereo, AAA Car Stereos, your car stereo installation experts in Oakland, offers you the reasons why you need a car stereo upgrade.

Bigger Bass

There are few things more fun on this earth than showing off your vehicle’s great big bass. The bass on most stock car stereos is anemic at best. We can equip your vehicle with subwoofers that will knock the plaque off of your teeth.

More Clarity

An upgraded stereo installed in your ride will improve the clarity of sound. Most stock stereos have very poor treble balance and deliver inferior sound. You probably notice a lot of distortion when you crank up the volume, especially listening to Ozzy belt out Black Sabbath songs.

Come to think about it, even a primo car stereo cannot give Ozzy’s voice more clarity.

Make Traffic Fun

You are already running late for work, you are stuck in a traffic jam and you just spilled cold coffee down the front of your white shirt. But none of this matters because you have a sweet stereo cranking out some righteous tunes.

Not even the dude who cut you off bothers you when you can drown your anger out by playing the right song on your awesome car stereo.

Road Trip

The only thing that can possibly make a road trip even more magical is some jamming tunes over your new car stereo. That new Bieber jam never sounded so good.

You Deserve It

You really need a new car stereo because you so deserve it. Just imagine what your friends will think about it. Just imagine showing off your car stereo on a date by playing one of your favorite slow jams. It might even get you a second date.

Modern Conveniences

These days, many people like to play their music through their smartphones using an app. But this is rather difficult to do through a stock stereo. Aftermarket stereos have all of the best features including USB ports, MP3 outputs and Bluetooth connectivity.

With an aftermarket stereo, you can stream your Spotify playlist through your iPhone. So cool.

For more information about upgrading your car stereo, give AAA Car Stereos a call.